What is Turfportalen?

Turfportalen is a website that allows you to create your own Turfgame lists, without being limited to regions and country's!

Do I need to create a new list for every month?

No, all lists are saving history back to the creation month. Every player also has their own month history!

Why do I get error adding a player to my list?

It can be because the player hasn't taken any zones this round or other problems. Post on the support page if you need help!

Can I login without a Google account?

Yes if you go on the page "Login with password" and click on request new password, you will get an email with a link to set password to your account.

What is gold egg?

Gold egg is given to the player that has most zones owned on the list at 12:00 every Sunday. Only lists with at least 5 players will be given gold eggs!

Do I need to login to be on any list?

No, you can still be on lists and check it by yourself without logging in.
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