This is how the competition works:

We compete in the categories Points, Takes and Round Unique. Each week is a sub-competition. Every Sunday at 12 o'clock, the teams' positions in the three categories are determined.

The placement is determined by the team's average score as the teams are of different sizes. Should it happen that any team gets the same score in the end, both teams get points for the higher position.

The points are awarded as below weekly and for the total in each category, if we are, for example, if 10 regions are competing:

  • 1st place gets 9 points
  • 2nd place gets 8 points
  • 3rd place gets 7 points
  • 4th place gets 6 points
  • 5th place gets 5 points
  • 6th place gets 4 points
  • 7th place gets 3 points
  • 8th place gets 2 points
  • 9th place gets 1 point
  • 10th place gets 0 points
What is the minimum required team size?
Based on the regions' "Turf size", the minimum number of competitors if the regions are included is as follows:

  • Blekinge - 8
  • Dalarna - 13
  • Gotland - 7
  • Gävleborg - 13
  • Halland - 11
  • Jämtland - 9
  • Jönköping - 13
  • Kalmar - 16
  • Kronoberg - 13
  • Norrbotten - 10
  • Skåne - 25
  • Stockholm - 60
  • Södermanland - 15
  • Uppsala - 21
  • Värmland - 15
  • Västerbotten - 18
  • Västernorrland - 9
  • Västmanland - 24
  • Västra Götaland - 31
  • Örebro - 19
  • Östergötland - 20
  • Åland - 13
  • Lounais-Suomi - 6
  • Scotland - 20
  • North West England - 7
  • Greater London - 6
  • East of England - 6
  • Minnesota - 5

This is only the minimum number of turf players in the team that the regions need to have. All Turfare after the minimum number will contribute to making the team's "red line" bigger. The red line will count out all turfers below it. For example, if a region has a minimum number of 25 turfers but the team is 47 turfers, the 22 turfers with the lowest points, takes and round uniques will not count towards the team's average. This means that if you are not a big turf fan, as long as you have crossed the red line a few weeks in some category, you have contributed. Everyone can join and you can be as many as you want. The team's average points, takes and round uniques are always counted on the minimum number of contestants for the region.

When does each week break?
At 11:55 every Sunday it breaks for a new week.

Are round uniques reset every week?
No! It's good to think about when the tactics are laid out.

How do I get my region to participate?
New for this year, just create a Turfportalen list with the name TURF 2023__ and we will enter the list in the competition. The Region team needs to be its minimum size no later than September 1, otherwise it will be removed from the competition.

How do I register for my regional team?
Get in touch with those who put together a team in your region, preferably several days before September 2, which is the date the team will no longer be able to change.

What determines if I can compete for a region?
You must have finished at least 2 rounds on that region's leaderboard in 2023.

Turf Ultimate Region Fight 2023 will take place during the September round starting September 3

Where can I follow the fight?
You will be able to follow the fight at

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