This is how the competition goes:

We compete in the categories Points, Takes and Round Unique. Every Sunday at 12 o’clock every teams score in all 3 categories will reset and points will be given out to each team depending on where you place.

The position is determined by the team's average points as the teams are different sizes. Points are awarded per category in this way:

  • 1st gets 12
  • The 2nd gets 10
  • The 3rd gets 8
  • The 4th gets 6
  • The 5th gets 5
  • The 6 gets 4
  • The 7 gets 3
  • The 8 gets 2
  • The 9 gets 1

Thus, a team can take a maximum of 36 points in a week if that team wins all the categories. When the round is over, it is also calculated which team has scored the most Points, Takes and Round Unique during the entire round. Points are then awarded for the round per category according to the same scale. That is, the team that made the most Takes during the entire round now gets another 13 points for it. A team's final points can now be calculated by adding their points in each category from the four weeks + the round. If two teams end up on the same amount of points the team with more turfers win.

How large are the teams?
Based on the regions' "Turf size", the team's minimum number of competitors is as follows:

  • Västerbotten - 38
  • Stockholm - 74
  • Västmanland - 49
  • Örebro - 40
  • Östergötland - 35
  • Kalmar - 31
  • Scotland - 47
  • Minnesota - 10
  • Åland - 15

This is just the smallest number of players in the team that the regions need. Everyone can join and you can be as many as you want.

What happens if I have to break the competition or take it easy for a week?
The bottom 25% in the team is not counted into the teams average score before each count.
This is so that illness and the like do not have such a big impact.

Is the round unique restored every week?
No! It is good to think about when the tactics are laid out.

How do I register for my regional team? Get in touch with the team leader for your region via Facebook or turf chat no later than 4 September.

Västerbotten - Jens Lundberg (Linkaz)
Stockholm - Mattias Joëlson (0beroff)
Västmanland - Jim Fylkeson (Jimo)
Örebro - Per Lindén (Battigoal)
Östergötland - Michael Johansson (recycling)
Kalmar - Ulf Ericsson (MasterOfTurf)
Scotland - CSL
Minnesota - Luke Van Santen (MNHek)
Åland - Joahn Lindström (Aicar)

Where can I follow the competition?
You can follow it at

You can mail me (MaXi) at or comment and tag me on a post regarding the battle (Max Jansson)

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